Four Laws of Creativity

Click the link below and listen to a short, humorous story that opens a brief coaching lesson about how to overcome challenges and setbacks using the laws of creativity.

Chippy Doesn't Sing Much Anymore.mp4

Four Laws Of Creativity

  1. Introduction

  2. Jane Got Her New Car - A Story From The Life of Jane & Milt Garrett

  3. There Should Be Lightening Bugs - A Story From The Life of Walt Disney

  4. Seizing Opportunity & Refusing To Give Up - A Story From The Life of Howard Johnson

  5. My Name Is Opportunity - A Little Parable About Regret

  6. Chippy Doesn't Sing Much Anymore - A Motivating Challenge From Eugene

  7. Failure Is Not Final - A Story From The Life of Harland Sanders

  8. I Refuse To Quit - A Story From The Life of Rowland Macy

  9. Four Steps To Releasing Relentless Persistence - A Motivating Coaching Moment With Eugene

  10. The T.E.A.C.H. Model - A Story From The Life of Gene Tunney

  11. Focus On The Bottom Line - A Challenge From Eugene

  12. Closing 5 Quotes

Stories that motivate, inspire and challenge.

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