I had the privilege of being coached by Eugene in my training and coaching career.

I was working as a sales coach at the time and Eugene was coaching me. Eugene has an ability to connect, empower and bring out the very best in you. He is a truly gifted individual whose coaching techniques are second to none. Not only have I used his techniques in my business career but also in my personal life.

After a session with Eugene, I felt like I could take on the world. I will be forever grateful for his wisdom and belief in me.


Eugene is my trusted advisor. He's the one person I know I can rely upon to give a robust and confidential perspective to the opportunities, challenges, and aspirations I am navigating.

The success in my personal and business life has been built around hard grafting and thoughtful consideration and taking the odd calculated risk. I am extremely cautious about whom I seek counsel. Eugene is my trusted advisor. He's the one person I know I can rely upon to give a robust and confidential perspective to the opportunities, challenges, and aspirations I am navigating. His contributions to our discussions are careful, full of wisdom, but most importantly I know he has a special gift of connecting with what resonates with my heart and passions.

When you meet Eugene, you will quickly find out that he is an inspirational character. He is tactful. There is no ego. If he's unsure he will let you know. This is a man who has "been there and done that" and "walks the walk".

If you get the pleasure to meet Eugene, you will come away buzzing, refreshed and equipped to persue your dreams.

Mike (Veterinarian, Practice owner)

Eugene listens, he helps you find the solutions within yourself.

When I read Eugene’s book Leaving Almost, I had no idea what I was diving into. For years, too many years, I’d been unhappy with life.

I blamed all the usual external factors; work stress, relationship stress, the distance I now lived from my homeland. While they all played a part, I never had the courage to change any of them, and so I stuck myself in the mud and plodded through life.

Now, this was so unlike me, as only 10 years earlier I’d travelled from the other side of the world and settled in New Zealand just because I could.

Somehow along the way, I’d put that part of me in a box and threw the key away. Leaving Almost, and Eugene’s steps to change helped find the key. The possibilities were unlocked, the result was I resigned with no new job on the cards. I allowed myself to breathe, take stock and grow.

Eugene helped me explore solutions when, on occasion, I felt undirected. Soon all the things I wanted, started to happen.

10 years later I still share my fears and the possible solutions with him. I’m happy to say I have no regrets and feel empowered to keep living my life to the full.


Eugene only coached me for short time, but what I learned will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I have been able to introduce the changes in my workplace/ethics and my personal life. Most importantly, I am a mature aged employee and Eugene was able to adapt everything to my way... my pace and understanding.

Results speak for themselves. In an environment of sharks, I became a dolphin and achieved top performance awards. Thank you Eugene!


His life coaching abilities allow you to strive for more, do more and get more.

I have been working with Eugene for almost 4 years. I say working with him because every time you engage with him, he treats you with respect and dignity while managing to get the best out of you, no matter what your struggles are professionally and personally.

He not only hears you but sees you too! I have never come across such a gifted motivator as Eugene. I will forever be grateful to Eugene for coming into my life.


I first engaged Eugene over 10 years ago at a time when I was trying to reevaluate how to move forward in the next phase of my life.

I was struggling to gain clarity, let alone to have the focus to move purposefully forward. Eugene’s gentle wisdom, empathy and guidance moved me out of the woods and onto a path that is meaningful and joyous for me.

I have not veered from this path I chose since then. Being human there have been a few occasions when I’ve got distracted by shiny new things and wandered off, I only have to represent myself to Eugene’s coaching and I gently steer myself back to my path.


Eugene has a calm, engaging manner and takes his time to really listen to you as a person.

He often asks the right questions that you need to hear and process, which in turn enables you to make decisions that advance you in the direction you need to go. You really feel Eugene is your cheer squad and authentically wants the best for you.