Leaving Almost

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The Leaving Almost Story

Leaving Almost: The Journey of a Lifetime

This is a grown-up fable about waking up, day in and day out, into an unfulfilled life. About facing reality, and recapturing your dreams with the wonderment of youth, but the maturity of an adult.

It's about finding purpose again and moving forward in a positive way, making good decisions and moving away from that place which the book describes as Almost.

If you are not growing, moving forward, then you will live your life in that debilitating place called Almost.

This book is the story of how to start your journey from Almost to Fulfillment.

This book tells the story of Alex Andrews, who starts his journey from Almost to Fulfillment one evening after meeting Oliver at a local park.

From the very beginning, Alex is challenged in ways he had never experienced before and soon both and his wife Aimee are igniting fresh fires in their life.

Through the conversations between Alex and Oliver, you have a front-row seat to witness the journey to a John 10:10 life, the journey of a lifetime.

What People Are Saying About

Leaving Almost: The Journey of a Lifetime

"In modern literature I've come across a range of texts and authors. When it comes to 'credibility'', very few have captured my attention the way 'Leaving Almost' has.

The reason... I know a little bit about the man behind the story, and since his story is told from a place of 'having walked the walk...and is now able to 'talk the talk' sets this book apart from most.

I wish you could meet the man behind the text (...like I did), as that will assure you of the absolute credibility and sincere heart with which this book was written."


"I've started reading your book (Leaving Almost) what an awesome book. Thank you and I can't put it down. This is an absolute blessing to me."


"It's more than great, it's inspiring." Sydney

"Worth the read!! I can advise anyone to read it. Waiting for number 2."