The Heart Whisperer

Maryanne was forty years old having open-heart bypass surgery for a blocked artery. While this is a delicate procedure, it is considered routine, performed successfully hundreds of thousands of times every year.

Everything was going according to plan. The surgeon clamped off the main vein flowing to the heart and hooked it to a machine that pumps the blood and keeps the heart working.

The heart stops beating while the vein is being bypassed and when the procedure is over, the machine is removed and the warmth from the body’s blood will normally cause the heart to kick back into beating again. And if for some reason the heart does not start beating again, they have drugs that will wake the heart up and help it start beating again.

The bypass is finished and Maryanne is laying on the operating table but when the time came for her heart to start beating again, it didn’t. Following the normal procedure, the surgeon gives her the usual drugs. Still, her heart did not start beating.

Next, the surgeon massaged her heart with his hand to stimulate the muscle and get it beating again. Still, Maryanne’s heart did not start beating.

The surgeon was troubled. He stopped, looked down at her and then leaned down. With his lips close to her ear, he whispered, “Maryanne, I have done all I can do. Now, it’s time for you to tell your heart to beat again.”

He stepped back and soon they heard the bump, bump, bump. Maryanne’s heart started beating again.

Moral of the story:

Sometimes only you can bring your life back to life. You may have suffered a real setback. Maybe life hasn't turned out as you had hoped. Maybe you've got to rekindle your passion. Tell your heart to start beating again. Tell your heart to dream again, to believe again. Be a heart whisperer.